NSW Pasifika 34 def. New South Wales 16
Saturday, July 28, 2018
Venue: Belmore Sports Ground, Belmore, NSW, Australia

Note – Teams listed in alphabetical order, not 1 to 17.

 NSW Pasifika U16 (34)    New South Wales U16 (16)
1  Aufaga AUTAGAVAIA (Canterbury) 1  Tua AMONE (Illawarra)
2  Cameron BROWN (Manly) 2  Josh BEVAN (Bilambil)
3  Gordon CHAN KUM TONG (Manly) 3  Diego BRAVO-GRAHAM (Canterbury)
4  Jonathan CHAN KUM TONG (South Sydney) 4  Billy BURKE (Cronulla)
5  Siua FOTU (Manly) 5  Kodi CROWTHER (Newcastle)
6  Tony FRANCIS (Manly) 6  Kade DYKES (Cronulla)
7  Tyrone HOLAKEITUAI (Manly) 7  Kynan ENGLISH (Western Suburbs)
8  Lipoi HOPOI (Canterbury) 8  Compton FUATIMAU (Canterbury)
9  Seturi IAKOPO (Manly) 9  Blake HOSKING (Cronulla)
10  George LOPETI (Canterbury) 10  Kitione KAUTOGA (Cronulla)
11  Kristian-Li MAI (Penrith) 11  Tolutau KOULA (Manly)
12  Maxwell PRITCHARD (Penrith) 12  Osemen MOMEH (Penrith)
13  Niwhai PURU (Penrith) 13  Brandon MORKOS (Illawarra)
14  Apisalome SAUKURU (Cronulla) 14  Henry O’KANE (Balmain)
15  Izack TAGO (Penrith) 15  Samuel PINOMI (Manly)
16  Brendan TAPUAI (St George) 16  Hohepa PURU (Penrith)
17  Natrell TAWA (Canterbury) 17  Logan RADZIEVIC (Newcastle)
18  Dion TEAUPA (South Sydney) 18  Nick RUSSELL (North Sydney)
19  Vaileli TONGA (Manly) 19  Sean RUSSELL (Parramatta)
20  Uluaki TUIPULOTU (Manly) 20  Tyrell SLOAN (Illawarra)
21  Sunia TURUVA (Penrith) 21  Jack WILLIAMS (Canberra)
22  James UESELE (Manly) 22  Jai WYNBERGEN (Penrith)
Coach  Willie TALAU & Frank PRITCHARD Coach  Scott JONES
Tries   Tries
Goals   Goals



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