Queensland 20 def. New South Wales 18
Wednesday, May 28, 2014
Venue: Suncorp Stadium, Milton, Queensland, Australia

Queensland U16 (20)   New South Wales U16 (18)
1  Gehamat SHIBASAKI (Townsville) 1  Matt COOPER (Newcastle)
2  Michael CARROLL (Northern Pride) 2  Nick COTRIC (Canberra)
3  Steven TATIPATA (Wynnum Manly) 3  Sione HOPOATE (Manly)
4  Jason CHAPMAN (Northern Pride) 4  Jesse ABBOTT (Penrith)
5  Enari TUALA (Townsville) 5  Kotoni STAGGS (Wellington)
6  Sato KETIA-OPO (Souths Logan) 6  Hosea LEUEA (Western Suburbs)
7  Lachlan LAM (Sydney Roosters) 7  Brendan O’HAGAN (Newcastle)
8  William O’GRADEY (Toowoomba) 8  Emre GULER (South Sydney)
9  Brent WOOLF (Gold Coast Green) 9  Tom STARLING (Newcastle)
10  Ethan PAIKEA (Gold Coast White) 10  Brodie JONES (Newcastle)
11  Syd SMITH (Souths Logan) 11  Kurtis DARK (Newcastle)
12  Kobe TARARO (Souths Logan) 12  Jai WHITBREAD (South Tweed)
13  Reuben COTTER (Mackay) – (c) 13  Cameron MURRAY (South Sydney)
14  Vito SULA-SIAOSI (Gold Coast White) 14  Ryan PAPENHUYZEN (Balmain)
15  Jack PEACOCK (Gold Coast Green) 15  Giordan PATEA (Canterbury)
16  Mitipere TUATAI (Northern Pride) 16  Jack CROSS (Illawarra)
17  Zane WILLSHIRE (Toowoomba) 17  Dion SOLAESE (Canterbury)
Coach  Kurt RICHARDS Coach  Dean YOUNG & Ben HORNBY
Tries   Tries
 Enari TUALA
Goals   Goals
 Steven TATIPATA (2)  Brendan O’HAGAN (3)



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