Deine Mariner (Photo: Jorja Brinums and Colleen Edwards / QRL)

After a weekend off, the Colts returned to action for Round 3.

Sunshine Coast Falcons 24 – 4 Mackay Cutters
The Falcons remain undefeated to start 2022 with a strong 20-point win over the Cutters.

Sunshine Coast 24 (L Bell, J Keating, J Lowe, M Peut, B Siebuhr tries; J Smoothy 2 goals) def. Mackay 4 (J Hill try) at Sunshine Coast Stadium.

Stat sheet
Sunshine Coast: Zacari Short – 43 tackles; Jake Keating – 119 run metres
Mackay: Jack Hoffmann – 29 tackles; Flynn Camilleri – 203 run metres; Jordan Hill – 2 line breaks

Debuts: Jake Keating (Sunshine Coast), Jordan HillLuke-David Wells-TalamaivaoAsher O’Donnell (Mackay)

Norths Devils 44 – 22 Ipswich Jets
The Devils handed Ipswich their 20th straight loss and recorded their first win of 2022.

Norths 44 (T Voll 2, T Casey, P Manu, L Moger, I Onn, J Pese, H Walters tries; B Dodd 4, H Rowbotham 2 goals) def. Ipswich 22 (J Afamasaga, K Barrott, K Chan-Tung, S Inoke, M Naiyep tries; R Balint goal) at North Ipswich Reserve.

Stat sheet
Ipswich: Lucky Pokipoki – 24 tackles; Ngiyaani Waters – 176 run metres; Jordan Afamasaga – 2 line breaks
Norths: Isaac Hawes – 22 tackles; Poasi Manu – 158 run metres; Tristan Voll – 2 line breaks

Debuts: Samuel Inoke (Ipswich), Johnson Murray (Norths)

Redcliffe Dolphins 60 – 12 Northern Pride
Dolphins’ halfback Cody Hunter scored 30 of his side’s 60 points in a dominant victory.

Redcliffe 60 (C Hunter 4, J Knott 2, L Cox, T Ratana-Leef, R Timms, E Vaafusuaga, L Wilson tries; C Hunter 7, W Cahill goals) def. Northern Pride 12 (M Douthat, S Raivaroro tries; S Addo-Nona 2 goals) at Barlow Park.

Stat sheet
Northern Pride: Corey Kennedy – 32 tackles; Anderson Kuna – 161 run metres
Redcliffe: Rhys Timms – 21 tackles; William Dobson – 230 run metres; Jaxon Knott – 3 line breaks

Debuts: Cameron WilsonThomas CowleyKongasau Nona (Northern Pride), Jaxon KnottNoah Lutui (Redcliffe)

Wynnum Manly Seagulls 34 – 12 Souths Logan Magpies
Wynnum Manly’s big win was all but secured at halftime thanks to a 28-8 first half.

Wynnum Manly 34 (L Philp 2, C Hewett, K Martin, W Parslow, N Ward tries; J Bowyer 5 goals) def. Souths Logan 12 (T Rawhiti 2, D Samoa tries) at BMD Kougari Oval.

Stat sheet
Wynnum Manly: Zaen Edmonds – 30 tackles; Luke Philp – 243 run metres, 4 line breaks
Souths Logan: Ricardo Evenis – 28 tackles; Denzel Samoa – 134 run metres

Debuts: Jordan DaviesDeine MarinerFelix Fa’atiliCharlie Kwock-Sun Barker (Wynnum Manly)

Townsville Blackhawks 20 – 10 Tweed Seagulls
Townsville ran out 10-points over a Tweed side who played with 12 men for 50 minutes.

Townsville 20 (W Latu 2, L Mene, R Wavik tries; D White 2 goals) def. Tweed 10 (J Field, T Ujdur-Berghan tries; T Ujdur-Berghan goal) at Jack Manski Oval.

Stat sheet
Townsville: Cameron Bateup – 37 tackles; Mia Pua’avase – 178 run metres; William Latu – 2 line breaks
Tweed: Charlie Murray – 35 tackles, 193 run metres

Debuts: Lewis MeneMaverick Pegoraro (Townsville), Malakhi DonovanJordan TuigamalaJordan Stewart, Ryan Foran (Tweed)

Central Queensland Capras 40 – 22 Brisbane Tigers
The Capras trailed by two at halftime but ran in 24 second half points to remain undefeated.

CQ Capras 40 (B Clarke 3, M Leard-Lamont, W Lewis, T Peters, L Salam tries; J Marriott 6 goals) def. Brisbane 22 (E Coulston, J Glover, A Wallace, T Woodman-Tuhoro tries; J Glover 3 goals) at Villanova Park.

Stat sheet
Brisbane: Simon Pratt – 31 tackles; Tea-Rani Woodman-Tuhoro – 205 run metres; Jonah Glover – 2 line breaks
CQ Capras: Samuel Strohfeldt – 39 tackles; Laish Salam – 167 run metres; Brandon Clarke – 2 line breaks

Debuts: Tea-Rani Woodman-Tuhoro (Brisbane), Nicholas RiggsWilliam Lewis (CQ Capras)

Burleigh Bears 48 – 20 Western Clydesdales
Hulking prop Isaac Matalavea-Booth scored a hat trick in Burleigh’s 28-point Anzac Day win.

Burleigh 48 (I Matalavea-Booth 3, A Christensen, S McIntyre, J Pahulu, H Ploegsma, S Shannon tries; D Samuela 8 goals) def. Western Clydesdales 20 (M Brady, H Ensbey, L Ghee, L Williamson tries; E Speed goal) at Pizzey Park,

Stat sheet
Burleigh: Adam Christensen – 22 tackles; Isaac Matalavea-Booth – 201 run metres, 3 line breaks
Western Clydesdales: Thomas Chandler – 32 tackles; Nathaniel Cowan – 180 run metres

Debuts: Karauria Stokes-MaharaCarn Connell (Burleigh), Nathaniel CowanKaelin BrandonJoshua Carr (Western Clydesdales)

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Top Try Scorers Top Point Scorers
5 Cody Hunter (Redcliffe) 54 Cody Hunter (Redcliffe)
4 Joel Baldwin (Townsville) 44 Jai Smoothy (Sunshine Coast)
4 Brandon Clarke (CQ Capras) 40 Dylan White (Townsville)
4 Lachlan Ghee (Clydesdales) 36 Jonah Glover (Brisbane)
4 Zac Laybutt (Townsville) 30 Jye Marriott (CQ Capras)
4 Ali Leiataua (Redcliffe) 20 Dion Samuela (Burleigh)
4 Mason Peut (Sunshine Coast) 18 Sterling Addo-Nona (Pride)
4 Ariki Wallace (Brisbane) 16 Joel Baldwin (Townsville)
3 Jack Aiken (Redcliffe) 16 Brandon Clarke (CQ Capras)
3 Lucas Bell (Sunshine Coast) 16 Lachlan Ghee (Clydesdales)

Round 4 fixtures
Saturday, April 30
Tweed Seagulls v Wynnum Manly Seagulls
Mackay Cutters v Brisbane Tigers
Redcliffe v Townsville
Sunday, May 1
Sunshine Coast Falcons v Ipswich Jets

Burleigh, CQ Capras, Northern Pride, Norths Devils, Souths Logan, Western Clydesdales – BYE


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