New South Wales 36 def. Queensland 10
Wednesday, July 10, 2019
Kick Off: 5:15pm (local time)
Referee: Martin Jones
Venue: ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, Australia
Player of the Match: Matt Burton (New South Wales)

 New South Wales U20 (36)    Queensland U20 (10)
1  Tex HOY (Knights) 1  Ronaldo MULITALO (Sharks)
2  Tui KATOA (Bulldogs) 2  Treymain SPRY (Titans)
3  Stephen CRICHTON (Panthers) 3  Fanitesi NIU (Broncos)
4  Ethan PARRY (Eels) 4  Murray TAULAGI (Cowboys)
5  Jason SAAB (Dragons) 5  Elijah ANDERSON (Cowboys)
6  Matt BURTON (Panthers) 6  Braydon TRINDALL (Sharks)
7  Blake TAAFFE (Rabbitohs) 7  Cory PAIX (Broncos) – (c)
8  Spencer LENIU (Panthers) 8  Eddie BLACKER (Dragons)
9  Sam VERRILLS (Roosters) 9  Kobe HETHERINGTON (Broncos)
10  Ky RODWELL (Rabbitohs) 10  Ethan BULLEMOR (Broncos)
11  Teig WILTON (Sharks) – (c) 11  J’maine HOPGOOD (Panthers)
12  Matthew DOOREY (Bulldogs) 12  Tino FA’ASUAMALEAUI (Storm)
13  Darby MEDLYN (Raiders) 13  Tom GILBERT (Cowboys)
14  Luke HUTH (Knights) 14  Tanah BOYD (Titans)
15  Stefano UTOIKAMANU (Eels) 15  Ben CONDON (Cowboys)
16  Mathew CROKER (Knights) 16  Logan BAYLISS-BROW (Cowboys)
17  Alex SEYFARTH (Tigers) 17  Nathan BARRETT (Cowboys)
Coach  Mark O’MELEY Coach  Paul DYER & Scott PRINCE
Tries   Tries
 Matt BURTON (2)  Ronaldo MULITALO
 Mathew CROKER  Murray TAULAGI
 Ethan PARRY
Goals Goals
 Stephen CRICHTON (6/7)  Braydon TRINDALL (1/3)

Tommy Talau (Tigers) was 18th man for New South Wales, Garrett Smith (Cowboys) was 18th man for Queensland


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