Australia win gold in Redcliffe

Australia have completed an undefeated run in the under-23 Commonwealth Championship, holding off Tonga to win 14-8 and secure the gold.

U23 Commonwealth Championships 2018
Dolphin Stadium, Redcliffe – Saturday, 24 February

Match 22
Scotland 16 (Davey Dixon, Ali Olivier, Curtis Faughlin tries; Matt Hogg 2 goals) def. Papua New Guinea 14 (John Ragi Jnr, Standford Talita, Dickson Amea tries; Dickson Amea goal).

Match 23
Wales 10 (Liam Silver 2 tries; Paul Edwards goal) def. England 8 (Gregory Howland, Frankie Halton tries).

Match 27
Australia 18 (Michael Carroll, Paul Momirovski, Conor Carey tries; Michael Carroll, Kontoni Staggs, Luke Sharpe goals) def. Samoa 10 (Arthur Crichton, Frank Toomalatai tries; Authur Crichton goal).

Match 28
Tonga 22 (Addison Demetriou, Sione Tonga, Arthor Tupou, Tom Amone, George Ili tries; Netane Masima goal) def. Fiji 6 (Penaia Aeveltue try; RT Timoti goal).

Bowl Final (7th place game)
England 14 (Gregory Howland, Liam Quinn, Tyler Spence tries; Owen Restall goal) def. Papua New Guinea 0.

Shield Final (5th place game)
Scotland 16 (Matt Hogg, Davey Dixon, Luke Westman tries; Matt Hogg 2 goals) def. Wales 10 (Paul Edwards, Karlin Claridge tries; Paul Edwards goal).

Bronze Medal game
Samoa 20 (Nathan Leatigaga, Arthur Crichton, Alex Seve, Charlton Schaafhausen, Frank Toomalatai tries) def. Fiji 6 (RT Timoli try; RT Timoli goal).

Gold Medal game
Australia 14 (Conor Carey, Jade Anderson, Kotoni Staggs tries; Luke Sharpe goal) def. Tonga 8 (Isileli Uilou, Addison Demetriou tries).

Final standings
Australia (Gold)
2nd Tonga (Silver)
3rd Samoa (Bronze)
4th Fiji
5th Scotland (Shield winners)
6th Wales
7th England (Plate winners)
8th Papua New Guinea

Top try scorers Top point scorers
7 Addison Demetriou (Tonga) 28 Addison Demetriou (Tonga)
5 Frank Toomalatai (Samoa) 24 Kotoni Staggs (Australia)
4 Corey Allan (Australia) 22 Matt Hogg (Scotland)
4 Paul Momirovski (Australia) 20 Frank Toomalatai (Samoa)
4 Kotoni Staggs (Australia) 18 Corey Allan (Australia)
3 Jade Anderson (Australia) 16 Paul Momirovski (Australia)
3 Curtis Faughlin (Scotland) 16 RT Timoli (Fiji)
3 Paul Nelson (Papua New Guinea) 14 Jade Anderson (Australia)
3 Liam Silver (Wales) 14 Paul Nelson (Papua New Guinea)
3 RT Timoli (Fiji) 14 Luke Sharpe (Australia)




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