Round 20
Saturday, July 26, 2014
Kick Off: 10:40am (local time)
Referees: Jon Stone, Lawrence McDonnell
Venue: Carrington Park, Bathurst, NSW, Australia

Penrith Panthers (18)   Cronulla Sharks (14)
1  Christian CRICHTON 1  Valentine HOLMES
2  Joshua JAY 2  Finlay DIBLEY
3  Brent NADEN 3  Paul SIMONA
4  Robert JENNINGS 4  Jamayne ISAAKO
5  Eddie AIONO 5  Joshua ADDO-CARR
7  Sam SCARLETT 7  Connor TRACEY
8  Andy SAUNDERS (c) 8  Benjamin CHAHOUD
9  Sione KATOA 9  Bradley DEITZ
10  Oliver CLARK 10  Alec SUSINO
11  Chris SMITH 11  Anthony MORAITIS (c)
12  Dave COWHAN 12  Patrice SIOLO
13  Brendan ATTWOOD 13  Winstone ASOTASI
14  James FISHER-HARRIS 14  Jayden BRAILEY
15  Moses LEOTA 15  Sage WILDER
16  Jordan HALL 16  Kalausa LEHA
17  Josh TANGITAU 17  Ashleigh NISBET
Coach  Trent BARRETT Coach  David HOWLETT
Tries   Tries
 Eddie AIONO  Joshua ADDO-CARR
 Brent NADEN  Valentine HOLMES
Goals   Goals
 Brent NADEN (1/2)  Valentine HOLMES (1/3)
 Jarrod BRACKENHOFER (0/2)



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