Canberra v North Queensland

Round 11
Sunday, May 25, 2014
Kick Off: 12:45pm (local time)
Referee: Phil Henderson
Venue: GIO Stadium, Bruce, ACT, Australia

 Canberra Raiders (30)    North Queensland Cowboys (44)
1  Ricky GARARD 1  Yamba BOWIE
2  Jake WHEELER 2  Rainer POWER
3  Cleveland McGHIE 3  Lenny MAGEY
4  Jack CREITH 4  Conor CAREY
5  Lachlan HURST 5  Scott SCHULTE
6  Lachlan LEWIS 6  Alex GRANT
7  Matt FRAWLEY (c) 7  Cooper BAMBLING
8  Brett SOLOMON 8  Viliame KIKAU
9  Dylan McGRATH 9  Josh CHUDLEIGH
10  Mitchell BARNETT 10  Michael BARCLAY
11  Jared McILWRICK 11  Coen HESS
12  Scott DOYLE 12  Corey JENSEN (c)
13  Jamal NCHOUKI 13  David MUNRO
14  Lachlan CROKER 14  Dan CLARKE
15  Thoren FIDOW-KELE 15  Kieran QUABBA
19  Jono KENT 17  Jack BROCK
Coach  Mick MANTELLI Coach  Todd WILSON
Tries   Tries
 Jack CREITH (2)  Conor CAREY (2)
 Lachlan HURST  Alex GRANT
 Jono KENT  Coen HESS
 Dylan McGRATH  Viliame KIKAU
 Rainer POWER
Goals Goals
 Scott DOYLE (2/4)  Corey JENSEN (6/8)
 Lachlan CROKER (1/2)



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