Round 6
Sunday, April 14, 2013
Kick Off: 12:45pm (local time)
Referee: Grant Atkins
Venue: Sydney Cricket Ground, Sydney, NSW, Australia

 Wests Tigers (48)    St George Illawarra Dragons (20)
1  Kurtis ROWE 1  Yaw Kiti GLYMIN
2  Delouise HOETER 2  Kayne BRENNAN
3  Nathan MILONE 3  Charly RUNCIMAN
4  Leva LI 4  Sitiveni MOCEIDREKE
23  Manaia RUDOLPH 5  Brent ANDERSON
20  Mitchell MOSES 6  Jacob NEILL
7  Luke BROOKS 7  Shannon CROOK
8  Nathan BROWN 8  Kem SERU
17  Manaia CHERRINGTON 9  Craig GARVEY
10  Dallas GRAHAM 16  George LOLO
11  Kyle LOVETT 11  Wesley LOLO
14  Daniel RAKVIN 12  Vincent STOWERS
13  Brenden SANTI 13  Kal COLLINS
15  Andy FIAGATUSA 14  Taylor BROWN
18  Andrew VELA 15  Sam COSTER
19  Shane LALOGAFAU 18  Jamie STANLEY
22  Luke WILLIAMS 21  Luke DODGE
Coach  Todd PAYTEN Coach  Justin HOLBROOK
Tries   Tries
 Luke BROOKS (2)  Brent ANDERSON
 Nathan MILONE  Vincent STOWERS
 Mitchell MOSES
 Kurtis ROWE
Goals Goals
 Manaia RUDOLPH (8/8)  Shannon CROOK (2/4)


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