Round 9
Monday, May 13, 2013
Kick Off: 4:45pm (local time)
Referee: Grant Atkins
Venue: Brookvale Oval, Brookvale, NSW, Australia

 Manly Sea Eagles (28)    Sydney Roosters (24)
1  Mitchell MANSON 1  Nene MACDONALD
2  Latrell SCHAUMKEL 2  Brendan ELLIOT
11  Fabian GOODALL 3  Taane MILNE
4  Siua LAPUAHO 4  Willis MEEHAN
23  Regan HAIKA 5  Jack GOODSELL
6  Will PEARSALL 6  Samisoni LANGI
20  Riley TRAVERS 7  Tyler CORNISH
8  Jake TRBOJEVIC 8  Shaquille BLAIR
9  Michael STIG 9  Alex THOMAS
10  James MIRCESKI 10  Jokatama DOKONIVALU
18  Luke BARTLEY 11  Jack SIEJKA
22  Liam KNIGHT 12  Rhyse MARTIN
13  Jamil HOPOATE 13  John ASIATA
14  Craig McMURRICH 15  Tuiala TOGITASI
16  Jack DELANEY 16  Louis MEEHAN
19  Harry RORKE 17  Jack NOBLE
21  Evan LEE 18  Matt BAKER
Coach  David HEATH Coach  Paul GREEN
Tries   Tries
 Fabian GOODALL  Samisoni LANGI
 Mitchell MANSON  Willis MEEHAN
 Michael STIG  Taane MILNE
Goals Goals
 Regan HAIKA (4/5)  Samisoni LANGI (2/5)


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