Round 17
Friday, July 3, 2009
Kick Off: 5:15pm (local time)
Referee: Gavin West
Venue: WIN Jubilee Oval, Kogarah, New South Wales, Australia

 St George Illawarra Dragons (58)    Sydney Roosters (10)
1  Henry RAIWALUI 1  Cheyse BLAIR
2  Kalifa FAIFAI LOA 2  Grant NELSON
3  Kenny EDWARDS 3  Mark TALANOA
4  Kane LINNETT 4  Jacob MILLER
5  Joe VICKERY 5  Cyprian ALE
6  Kyle STANLEY 6  Brad MURRAY
7  Scott ROSSER 7  Luke TOWERS
8  Shannon WAKEMAN 8  Isaac MALIOTA
9  Mitch REIN 9  Olireti SAMUELA
10  Jared BRODRICK 10  Andrew CLAYTON
11  Jake MARKETO (c) 11  Ethan LOWE
12  Brad HUDSON 12  Dylan SHARP
13  Chase STANLEY 13  Jerome LEOLAHI
14  Clifford MORRIS 14  Tom PELO
15  Cameron KING 15  Tufuga SA
16  Nathan JONES 16  Boyd STRICKLAND
17  Wes SUCKLEY 17  Valeni TIATIA
Coach  Steve PRICE Coach  Scott MURRAY
Tries   Tries
 Kalifa FAIFAI LOA (2)  Grant NELSON (2)
 Mitch REIN
 Shannon WAKEMAN
Goals Goals
 Cameron KING (5/5)  Luke TOWERS (1/2)
 Joe VICKERY (3/3)
 Henry RAIWALUI (1/2)


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