New South Wales 32 def. Queensland 16
Wednesday, July 8, 2015
Kick Off: 5:30pm (local time)
Referee: Matt Noyen
Venue: Suncorp Stadium, Milton, Queensland, Australia
Player of the Match: Drew Hutchison (New South Wales)

Queensland U20 (16)   New South Wales U20 (32)
1  Paul BYRNES (Broncos) 1  Latrell MITCHELL (Roosters)
2  Gideon GELA-MOSBY (Cowboys) 2  Brian KELLY (Titans)
3  Jordan DREW (Broncos) 3  John OLIVE (Rabbitohs)
4  Marion SEVE (Tigers) 4  Robert JENNINGS (Panthers)
5  Conor CAREY (Cowboys) 5  Brent NADEN (Panthers)
6  Jayden NIKORIMA (Broncos) 6  Jackson HASTINGS (Roosters)
7  Ashley TAYLOR (Broncos) 7  Drew HUTCHISON (Dragons) – (c)
8  George FAI (Broncos) 8  Alex TWAL (Eels)
9  Jayden BERRELL (Broncos) 9  Grant GARVEY (Roosters)
10  Lindsay COLLINS (Broncos) 10  Liam KNIGHT (Sea Eagles)
11  Coen HESS (Cowboys) 11  Joe STIMSON (Storm)
12  Alex BARR (Broncos) 12  Tyrell FUIMAONO (Eels)
13  Jai ARROW (Broncos) – (c) 13  Luke YATES (Knights)
14  Karl LAWTON (Titans) 14  Jacob LIDDLE (Tigers)
15  Luke BATEMAN (Raiders) 15  Oliver CLARK (Panthers)
16  Sam LAVEA (Broncos) 16  Addison DEMETRIOU (Sea Eagles)
17  Oshae TUIASAU (Titans) 17  Hame SELE (Dragons)
Coach  Kurt WRIGLEY Coach  Dean PAY
 Tries  Tries
 Alex BARR  Brian KELLY (4)
Goals   Goals
 Ashley TAYLOR (2/3)  Jackson HASTINGS (3/5)
 Addison DEMETRIOU (1/1)

Andrew Niemoeller (Cowboys) was 18th man for Queensland, Matthew Woods (Tigers) was 18th man for New South Wales


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