New South Wales 30 def. Queensland 8
Saturday, May 3, 2014
Venue: Sportingbet Stadium, Penrith, NSW, Australia
Player of the Match: Jake Mamo (New South Wales)

New South Wales U20 (30)   Queensland U20 (8)
1  Clinton GUTHERSON (Sea Eagles) 1  Valentine HOLMES (Sharks)
2  Jake MAMO (Knights) 2  Nene MACDONALD (Roosters)
3  Sione MATA’UTIA (Knights) 3  Brenko LEE (Raiders)
4  Aaron GRAY (Rabbitohs) 4  Brendan ELLIOT (Roosters)
5  Tyrone PHILLIPS (Bulldogs) 5  John FOLAU (Eels)
6  Drew HUTCHISON (Dragons) 6  Anthony MILFORD (Raiders) – (c)
7  Mitchell MOSES (Tigers) 7  Jaelen FEENEY (Knights)
8  Matthew LODGE (Storm) 8  Lloyd PERRETT (Bulldogs)
9  Kaysa PRITCHARD (Eels) – (c) 9  Kierran MOSELEY (Panthers)
10  Jake TRBOJEVIC (Sea Eagles) 10  Christian WELCH (Storm)
11  Jakiel MARINER (Roosters) 11  Brett GREINKE (Broncos)
12  Adam ELLIOTT (Bulldogs) 12  Patrick MAGO (Raiders)
13  Jack BIRD (Dragons) 13  Luke BATEMAN (Raiders)
14  Ryan MATTERSON (Eels) 14  Cameron MUNSTER (Storm)
15  Pauli PAULI (Eels) 15  Francis MOLO (Broncos)
16  Dean BRITT (Storm) 16  Ajuma ADAMS (Broncos)
17  Rhys KENNEDY (Storm) 17  Joe OFAHENGAUE (Broncos)
Coach  Dean PAY Coach  Kevin WALTERS
  Tries   Tries
 Jake MAMO (3)  Luke BATEMAN
Goals   Goals
 Clinton GUTHERSON (5)  Brendan ELLIOT (0)

Jayden Nikorima (Broncos) was 18th man for Queensland


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