New South Wales 36 def. Queensland 12
Saturday, April 20, 2013
Venue: Centrebet Stadium, Penrith, NSW, Australia
Player of the Match:
Mitchell Cornish (New South Wales)

  New South Wales U20 (36)   Queensland U20 (12)
1  Clinton GUTHERSON (Sea Eagles) 1  Kurt MANN (Storm)
2  Vai TOUTAI (Eels) 2  Zac SANTO (Cowboys)
3  Dylan WALKER (Rabbitohs) 3  Hymel HUNT (Titans)
4  Charly RUNCIMAN (Dragons) 4  Brenko LEE (Raiders)
5  George JENNINGS (Panthers) 5  Nene MACDONALD (Roosters)
6  Luke BROOKS (Tigers) 6  Moses MBYE (Bulldogs)
7  Mitchell CORNISH (Raiders) 7  Anthony MILFORD (Raiders) – (c)
8  David KLEMMER (Bulldogs) – (c) 8  Francis MOLO (Broncos)
9  Michael LICHAA (Sharks) 9  Kierran MOSELEY (Panthers)
10  Matthew LODGE (Storm) 10  Patrick KAUFUSI (Cowboys)
11  Kelepi TANGINOA (Eels) 11  Caleb TIMU (Broncos)
12  Dean BRITT (Storm) 12  Corey OATES (Broncos)
13  Brenden SANTI (Tigers) 13  Chris GREVSMUHL (Cowboys)
14  Craig GARVEY (Dragons) 14  Luke BATEMAN (Raiders)
15  Kyle LOVETT (Tigers) 15  Lloyd PERRETT (Bulldogs)
16  Jake TRBOJEVIC (Sea Eagles) 16  Rhyse MARTIN (Roosters)
17  Junior PAULO (Eels) 17  Brandon TAGO (Roosters)
Coach  Dean PAY Coach  Andrew DUNEMANN
   Tries    Tries
   Mitchel CORNISH (2)    Anthony MILFORD
   George JENNINGS (2)    Brandon TAGO
   Charly RUNCIMAN (2)    
   Michael LICHAA    
  Goals   Goals
   Dylan WALKER (4)    Anthony MILFORD (2)

Bryce Cartwright (Panthers) was 18th man for New South Wales, John Folau (Eels) was 18th man for Queensland


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