New South Wales 18 def. Queensland 14
Saturday, April 21, 2012
Venue: Centrebet Stadium, Penrith, NSW, Australia
Player of the Match: Harry Siejka (New South Wales)

New South Wales U20 (18)   Queensland U20 (14)
1  Evander CUMMINS (Dragons) 1  Lachlan MARANTA (Broncos)
2  Young TONUMAIPEA (Storm) 2  Hymel HUNT (Titans)
3  Cheyse BLAIR (Eels) 3  Tautau MOGA (Roosters)
4  Ed MURPHY (Bulldogs) 4  Edrick LEE (Raiders)
5  Chanel MATA’UTIA (Knights) 5  Aaron WHITCHURCH (Broncos)
6  Harry SIEJKA (Panthers) 6  Kurt MANN (Knights)
7  Jacob MILLER (Tigers) 7  Ben HAMPTON (Storm) – (c)
8  Matt GROAT (Tigers) 8  Mitchell FREI (Broncos)
9  Michael LICHAA (Sharks) 9  Alex ELISALA (Cowboys)
10  Shannon BOYD (Raiders) 10  Dylan NAPA (Roosters)
11  Alex McKINNON (Knights) 11  Chris GREVSMUHL (Cowboys)
12  Boyd CORDNER (Roosters) – (c) 12  Caleb TIMU (Broncos)
13  Vaipuna TIA KILIFI (Panthers) 13  Benn MALLEY (Broncos)
14  Kane EVANS (Roosters) 14  Brandon TAGO (Roosters)
15  Paul CARTER (Bulldogs) 15  Corey OATES (Broncos)
16  Jack STOCKWELL (Dragons) 16  Travis PEETERS (Broncos)
17  David KLEMMER (Bulldogs) 17  Moses MBYE (Bulldogs)
Coach  Dean PAY Coach  Kevin WALTERS
 Tries  Tries
 Kane EVANS  Edrick LEE (2)
Goals   Goals
 Harry SIEJKA (3)  Mitchell FREI (1)

Lachlan Burr (Bulldogs) was 18th man for New South Wales, Kirisome Auva’a (Storm) was 18th man for Queensland


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