New South Wales 24 def. Queensland 4
Friday, June 21, 2019
Kick Off: 5:45pm (local time)
Referee: Tom Cambourn
Venue: North Sydney Oval, North Sydney, NSW, Australia
Player of the Match: Caitlan Johnston (New South Wales)

 New South Wales U18 Women (24)    Queensland U18 Women (4)
1  Tess STAINES (Riverina) 1  China POLATA (Brothers St Brendan’s)
2  Teagan BERRY (Illawarra) 2  Jasmine PETERS (Norths Mackay)
3  Jaime CHAPMAN (Cronulla) 3  Tyesha MIKAIO (Brothers St Brendan’s)
4  Mikayla KIDD (Illawarra) 14  Chante TEMARA (Burleigh)
5  Zali FAY (Cronulla) 5  Rosemary VAIMILI-TOALEPAI (Easts Tigers)
6  Emily CURTAIN (Wests Tigers) 6  Rhiannon REVELL-BLAIR (Easts Tigers)
7  Tiana GRAHAM (Illawarra) 7  Courtney TAMATI (Waterford)
8  Maddison WEATHERALL (Illawarra) – (c) 8  Jessikah REEVES (Easts Tigers)
14  Janaya BENT (Wests Tigers) 9  Emma MANZELMANN (Souths Mackay)
10  Filomina HANISI (St George) 10  Lyllian MIKAIO (Souths Logan) – (c)
11  Olivia KERNICK (Newcastle) 11  Keilee JOSEPH (Redlands)
12  Caitlan JOHNSTON (Newcastle) 12  Jasmon TUPOU (Redlands)
13  Mareva SWANN (St George) 13  Nakita SAO (Goodna)
9  Rhiannon TUNGAI (Illawarra) 15  Acacia WULF (Goodna)
15  Eleni AMONE (Illawarra) 16  River SMALLEY (Brothers St Brendan’s)
16  Sophie CURTAIN (Wests Tigers) 17  Tiamo WILLIAMS (Banyo)
17  Joeli MORRIS (Newcastle) 18  Keisharn HALA (Brothers St Brendan’s)
Coach  Daniel LACEY Coach  Ben JEFFRIES
Tries   Tries
 Teagan BERRY (2)  Courtney TAMATI
Goals Goals
 Emily CURTAIN (4/4)  Emma MANZELMANN (0/1)


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