Queensland 10 def. New South Wales 6
Wednesday, May 27, 2015
Kickoff: 6:00pm (local time)
Referee: Daniel Olford
Venue: ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, Australia

New South Wales U16 (6)   Queensland U16 (10)
1  Dylan SMITH (Cronulla) 1  Travis TURNBULL (Parramatta)
2  Ethan PARRY (Parramatta) 2  Tom KENNY (Townsville)
3  Tui AFUALO (Parramatta) 3  Reihana MARSH (Souths Logan)
4  Campbell GRAHAM (South Sydney) 4  Clayton MACK (Toowoomba)
5  Sebastian KRIS (Canberra) 5  Thane KELLERMEYER (Souths Logan)
6  Luke METCALF (Cronulla) 6  Max DOWD (Gold Coast White)
7  Alex SEVE (Parramatta) 7  Dray NGATUERE-WROE (Souths Logan)
8  Mathew CROKER (Newcastle) 8  Thomas FLEGLER (Northern Pride)
9  Josh COOK (South Sydney) 9  Tyson SMOOTHY (Sunshine Coast)
10  Payne HAAS (Gold Coast) 10  Tazmon McROBBIE (Northern Pride)
11  Jaeman SALMON (Cronulla) 11  Darius FARMER (Ipswich)
12  Josh CURRAN (Parramatta) 12  Brandon RUSSELL (Ipswich)
13  Lachlan SMITH (Cronulla) 13  Jayden BISHOP (Redcliffe)
14  Zac LOMAX (Illawarra) 14  Braydon TRINDALL (Sunshine Coast)
15  PJ VAIGALU (Parramatta) 15  Lochlyn SHELDON (Gold Coast White)
16  Rocky TOGATUKI (Penrith) 16  Ben THOMAS (Gold Coast White)
17  Brandon WAKEHAM (Canterbury) 17  Nathan BARRETT (Townsville)
Coach  Danny BUDERUS Coach  Kurt RICHARDS
Tries   Tries
 Campbell GRAHAM  Nathan BARRETT
Goals   Goals
 Luke METCALF (1) Travis TURNBULL (1)


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