New South Wales 18 def. Queensland 16
Wednesday, May 25, 2011
Venue: Suncorp Stadium, Milton, Queensland, Australia

Queensland U16 (16)   New South Wales U16 (18)
1  Paul BYRNES (Townsville) 1  Dylan RUSSELL (Illawarra)
2  Ryan MITCHELL (Central United) 2  Alex JOHNSTON (South Sydney)
3  Shaun HUDSON (Gold Coast Green) 3  Dee Jay HARRIS (Illawarra)
4  Brenko LEE (Souths Logan) 4  Michael MORGAN (Canterbury)
5  Eric BLAIR (Easts Tigers) 5  John FOMAI (Parramatta)
6  Nathan WILSON (Gold Coast Green) 6  Drew HUTCHISON (Illawarra)
7  Duncan PAIA’AUA (Central Queensland) – (c) 7  Brendan COX (Canterbury)
8  James IODICE (Gold Coast Green) 8  Matthew LODGE (Penrith)
9  Jayden BERRELL (Gold Coast Green) 9  Bradley DEITZ (Sydney Roosters)
10  Sam GEE (Gold Coast Green) 10  Jake KAMIRE (Canterbury)
11  Luke BATEMAN (Souths Logan) 11  Blake HARRISON (Manly)
12  Harry PONDEKAS (Central Queensland) 12  Tepai MOEROA (Parramatta)
13  Jai ARROW (Gold Coast Gold) 13  Jack BIRD (Illawarra)
14  Tyson CLEAL (Redcliffe) 14  Zach DOCKAR-CLAY (Parramatta)
15  Jarrod EARLE (Central Queensland) 15  Addison DEMETRIOU (Canterbury)
16  Jack ANDERSON (Central Queensland) 16  Brett SOLOMON (Canberra)
17  Temone POWER (Easts Tigers) 17  Euan AITKEN (Illawarra)
Coach  Scott DUNSHEA Coach  Tony HERMAN
Tries   Tries
Goals   Goals
 Duncan PAIA’AUA (2)  Brendan COX (2)
 Dee Jay HARRIS (1)



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