Junior Kangaroos 62 def. France 4
Friday, October 25, 2019
Kick Off: 3:10pm (local time)
Referee: Grant Atkins
Venue: WIN Stadium, Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Player of the Match: Victor Radley (Junior Kangaroos)

 Junior Kangaroos (62)      France (4)
1  Ryan PAPENHUYZEN (Storm) 1  Thomas LASVENES (Villeneuve)
2  Campbell GRAHAM (Rabbitohs) 2  Gavin MARGUERTIE (Toulouse)
3  Brian KELLY (Titans) 3  Arthur ROMANO (Catalans)
4  Zac LOMAX (Dragons) 4  Vincent ALBERT (Carcassonne)
5  Reuben GARRICK (Sea Eagles) 5  Paul MARCON (Toulouse)
6  Kalyn PONGA (Knights) 6  Hakim MILOUDI (Toronto)
7  Brodie CROFT (Storm) 7  Lucas ALBERT (Catalans)
8  Corey HORSBURGH (Raiders) 8  Maxime PUECH (Toulouse)
9  Reed MAHONEY (Eels) 9  Charles BOUZINAC (Lézignan)
10  Tom FLEGLER (Broncos) 10  Lambert BELMAS (Catalans)
11  David FIFITA (Broncos) – (c) 11  Paul SÉGUIER (Catalans)
12  Angus CRICHTON (Roosters) 12  Jordan DEZARIA (Toulouse)
13  Victor RADLEY (Roosters) 13  Romain NAVARRETE (Wigan) – (c)
14  AJ BRIMSON (Titans) 14  Mathieu JUSSAUME (Toulouse)
15  Nat BUTCHER (Roosters) 15  Bastien CANET (Carcassonne)
16  Emre GULER (Raiders) 16  Arnaud BARTES (Catalans)
17  Tino FA’ASUAMALEAUI (Storm) 17  Justin SANGARÉ (Toulouse)
Coach  Neil HENRY Coach  Aurélien COLOGNI
Tries   Tries
 Campbell GRAHAM (3)  Mathieu JUSSAUME
 Zac LOMAX (2)
 Victor RADLEY (2)
 Brian KELLY
Goals Goals
 Zac LOMAX (5/8)  Lucas ALBERT (0/1)
 Reuben GARRICK (2/4)


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