Round 19
Sunday, July 28, 2019
Kick Off: 11:00am (local time)
Referee: Cameron Turner
Venue: Henson Park, Marrickville, NSW, Australia

 Sydney Roosters (42)    North Sydney Bears (16)
1  McKenzie BAKER 1  Corey FENNING
2  Tyrell NEIUFI 2  Jonathan MITSIAS
3  Ethan O’NEILL 3  Sean SABUTEY
4  Bayleigh BENTLEY-HAPE 4  Tyrone TAUKAMO
5  Kyle WILSON 5  Ali SAAD
6  Coby THOMAS 6  Connor GARRETY
7  Zane HARRIS 7  Thomas STEADMAN
23  Lewis AFEAKI 8  Potusa FUILALA
9  Freddy LUSSICK 9  Max ALTUS
10  Daniel FIFITA 10  Sosaia TEAKARAANGA
11  Harrison EDWARDS 11  Luke HODGE
13  Luca MORETTI 12  Lennox WHITTAKER
18  Jake HAZARD 13  Will LAWSON (c)
14  Geordie BRAND 14  Jackson ROHWEDER
15  Stanley MALAE 16  Dean BARNES
19  Grant TAULAFO 17  Jubilee SOLOA
20  Reihana MARSH 18  Arthur MELHAM
Coach  Anthony BARNES Coach  Peter PALMER
Tries   Tries
 Lewis AFEAKI  Jonathan MITSIAS (2)
 McKenzie BAKER  Jackson ROHWEDER
 Reihana MARSH
Goals Goals
 Zane HARRIS (5/8)  Connor GARRETY (2/3)
Sin Bin (10 min) Sin Bin (10 min)



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