Newcastle v Penrith

Round 2
Saturday, March 23, 2019
Kick Off: 12:00pm (local time)
Referee: Louis Matheson
Venue: Dudley Oval, Dudley, NSW, Australia

 Newcastle Knights (18)    Penrith Panthers (24)
1  Grant ANDERSON 1  Daine LAURIE
2  Elijah RASIGA 2  Charlie STAINES
3  Toby MARKS 3  Stephen CRICHTON
4  Timanu ALEXANDER 4  Thomas LOFTS
5  Justin WORLEY 5  Matthew FAAUILA
6  Dylan LUCAS 6  Adam FEARNLEY
7  Bayden SEARLE 7  Brendan HANDS
8  Campbell SHEPPARD 8  Spencer LENIU (c)
9  Luke HUTH 9  Ryan PRITCHARD
10  Mathew CROKER 10  Brad GAUT
11  Ofa MANUOFETOA 17  Terrell MAY
12  Isaac LEE 12  Shawn BLORE
16  Joe BROMAGE 13  Lindsay SMITH
14  Matthew MOON 11  Alexander MYLES
15  Ben TALTY 15  Jack QUINN
20  Nesta WATENE 16  Jayden TANNER
22  Daniel TICEHURST 19  Matt BURTON
Coach  Scott DUREAU Coach  Ben HARDEN
Tries   Tries
 Luke HUTH  Terrell MAY
 Charlie STAINES
Goals Goals
 Toby MARKS (3/3)  Stephen CRICHTON (4/4)




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