Update: Junior competitions cancelled for 2020

(Photo: Scott Davis / Jorja Brinums)

After initially suspending competitions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the New South Wales Rugby League and Queensland Rugby League have cancelled their major competitions for 2020.

The junior competitions that will not continue in 2020 include:

  • Jersey Flegg Cup (New South Wales under-20)
  • SG Ball Cup (New South Wales under-18)
  • Harold Matthews Cup (New South Wales under-16)
  • Tarsha Gale Cup (New South Wales under-18’s women)
  • Laurie Daley Cup (regional New South Wales under-18)
  • Andrew Johns Cup (regional New South Wales under-16)
  • Hastings Deering Colts (Queensland under-20)
  • Mal Meninga Cup (Queensland under-18)

Queensland’s Hastings Deering Colts and Mal Meninga Cup and New South Wales’ Jersey Flegg Cup had played just one round before the cancellation, while the other competitions were a number of rounds into the competition, with finals just weeks away.

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Categories: U16, U18, U20


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