Romain Navarrete

The France side to face the Junior Kangaroos this Friday at WIN Stadium has been named.

The side features five players with Super League experience, including captain Romain Navarrete, who played 22 games for Wigan.

The rest of the squad is made up of players from the RFL Championship and France’s Elite One Championship.

14 of the 21 man squad took part in last weekend’s World Cup 9s, with the big omission being Jason Baitieri, who withdrew from the side earlier this week due to frustration with the country’s federation.

1 Thomas Lasvenes (Villeneuve XIII RLLG)
2 Gavin Marguerite (Toulouse Olympique)
3 Arthur Romano (Catalans Dragons)
4 Vincent Albert (AS Carcassonne)
5 Paul Marcon (Toulouse Olympique)
6 Hakim Miloudi (Toronto Wolfpack)
7 Lucas Albert (Catalans Dragon)
8 Maxime Puech (Toulouse Olympique)
9 Charles Bouzinac (Lézignan Sangliers)
10 Lambert Belmas (Catalans Dragon)
11 Paul Seguier (Catalans Dragon)
12 Jordan Dezaria (Toulouse Olympique)
13 Romain Navarrete (Wigan Warriors) – (c)

14 Mathieu Jussaume (Toulouse Olympique)
15 Bastien Canet (AS Carcassonne)
16 Arnaud Bartes (Catalans Dragon)
17 Justin Sangare (Toulouse Olympique)
18 Joan Guasch (Catalans Dragon)
19 Arthur Mourgue (Catalans Dragon)
20 Louis Jouffret (Featherstone Rovers)
21 Matthieu Khedimi (AS Carcassonne)
Coach: Aurélien Cologni


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