New South Wales 36 def. Queensland 22
Wednesday, July 13, 2016
Kick Off: 5:30pm (local time)
Referee: Peter Gough
Venue: ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW, Australia
Player of the Match: Curtis Scott (New South Wales)

New South Wales U20 (36)   Queensland U20 (22)
1  Matthew DUFTY (Dragons) 1  Gideon GELA-MOSBY (Cowboys)
2  Brian KELLY (Titans) 2  Bernard LEWIS (Roosters)
3  Cory DENNISS (Knights) 3  Bacho SALAM (Cowboys)
4  Curtis SCOTT (Storm) 4  Gehamat SHIBASAKI (Broncos)
5  Reuben GARRICK (Dragons) 5  Marcus JENSEN (Cowboys)
6  Lachlan CROKER (Raiders) 6  Brodie CROFT (Storm)
7  Jack COGGER (Knights) – (c) 7  Cooper BAMBLING (Cowboys)
8  Oliver CLARK (Panthers) 8  George FAI (Broncos)
9  Grant GARVEY (Roosters) 9  Jake TURPIN (Storm)
10  Alex TWAL (Eels) 10  Darryn SCHONIG (Cowboys)
11  Tyrell FUIMAONO (Eels) 11  Jack MORRIS (Eels)
12  Bayley SIRONEN (Tigers) 12  Jaydn SU’A (Broncos) – (c)
13  Nat BUTCHER (Roosters) 13  Lachlan TIMM (Storm)
14  Zac WOOLFORD (Raiders) 14  Lachlan LEWIS (Bulldogs)
15  Taniela PASEKA (Tigers) 15  Josh KERR (Storm)
16  Max ELLIOTT (Broncos) 16  Charlie GALO (Storm)
17  Tevita COTTRELL (Rabbitohs) 17  Darcy MAROSKE (Bulldogs)
Coach  Dean PAY Coach  Kurt WRIGLEY
Tries   Tries
 Jack COGGER  Bernard LEWIS (3)
 Lachlan CROKER  Gideon GELA-MOSBY
 Matthew DUFTY  Bacho SALAM
Goals   Goals
 Brian KELLY (6/6)  Brodie CROFT (1/3)
 Cooper BAMBLING (0/1)

Jed Cartwright (Titans) was 18th man for New South Wales, William Samuel (Raiders) was 18th man for Queensland