Redcliffe v Sunshine Coast

Round 1
Saturday, March 14, 2020
Kick Off: 4:20pm (local time)
Referee: Dylan Cassidy
Venue: Dolphin Stadium, Redcliffe, Queensland, Australia

 Redcliffe Dolphins (58)    Sunshine Coast Falcons (12)
1  Dylan BRIGGS (c) 1  Blake WILSON
2  Nathan DAWES 2  Dylan CAROLAN
3  Samual ELARA 3  Jack AIKEN
4  Harrison McINDOE 4  Hunter BROUGH
5  Kiu NUKU-NGALA 5  Cameron HANSON
7  Sam THOMPSON 7  John McLAUGHLIN (c)
20  Manfred BABAO 18  Aaron NELSON
9  Kyle BARNWELL (c) 9  Jai SMOOTHY
10  Mathew PALU 10  Justin MAKIRERE
11  Joseph CLARKE 11  Matthew BAKER
12  Josh GATT 12  Rory CURTIS
13  Chayse CAVANAGH 13  Nick ELLEMS
16  Mathew MEAFUA 14  Kaleb CARSON
17  Logan COX 15  Kaleb SUTTON
23  Bailey MORGAN 16  Michael TALBOT
24  Cody BYRNE 17  Jai SMITH
Coach  Scott MURRAY Coach  Jamie VOGLER
Tries   Tries
 Harrison McINDOE (3)  Jai SMOOTHY
 Kiu NUKU-NGALA (2)  Michael TALBOT
 Samual ELARA
 Mathew MEAFUA
 Mathew PALU
Goals Goals
 Sam THOMPSON (7/11)  Jai SMOOTHY (2/2)


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