Round 2
Sunday, March 17, 2019
Kick Off: 3:00pm (local time)
Referee: Jake Stanton
Venue: Piggabeen Sports Complex, Tweed Heads West, NSW, Australia

 Tweed Heads Seagulls (12)     Townsville Blackhawks (24)
1  Kade McDONALD 1  Michael BELL
2  Connah MILLS 2  Zinzaan MARTIN
3  Nash GEYER 3  Tom McCAGH
4  Caleb NICHOLLS 4  Daejarn ASI
5  Aublix TAWHA 5  Ty EVERETT
6  Kobe WHALAN 6  Brodie CHAFFEY
7  Tahne ROBINSON 7  Adam COOK
8  Ben THOMAS 8  Wiremu GREIG
9  Charlie GEE 9  Sam MURPHY
10  Adyn ANGUNA 16  Jack ALTHAUS
11  Reece BUTLER (c) 11  Nathan BARRETT (c)
12  Blake CAMPBELL 12  Ben CONDON
13  Jaman RIO 13  Enemarki SHIBASAKI
14  Codey McLAUGHLIN 10  William FOX
15  Vincent TAKATAKA 15  Lance FOLBIGG
16  Josh SEXTON 17  Jack JOHNSON
17  Cooper HENNESSEY 22  Jack GAULD
Coach  Matt KING Coach  David ELLIOTT
Tries   Tries
Goals Goals
 Jaman RIO (2/2)  Adam COOK (4/4)



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