Sunshine Coast v Central Queensland

Round 19
Saturday, August 3, 2019
Kick Off: 3:20pm (local time)
Referee: Sam Swift
Venue: Sunshine Coast Stadium, Bokarina, Queensland, Australia

 Sunshine Coast Stadium (22)     Central Queensland Capras (16)
1  Luke MURTAGH 1  Ryan FRANKS
2  Blake WILSON 2  Toby FRATER
3  Kane JACKSON 3  Will KLUCK
4  Tom DWAN 4  Harrison McINDOE
5  Gian LARGIADER 5  Jacob SPARK
6  John McLAUGHLIN 6  James BUSBY
7  Jack WRIGHT (c) 7  Blake MOORE (c)
15  Aaron NELSON 8  Zantana TUPUONO-POMARE
9  Tyson SMOOTHY 9  Jack PATTIE
10  Wyatt REYNOLDS 10  Isaiah CONWAY
11  Trent LOIERO 11  Christian SMITH
12  Steven BORG 12  Ethan JACKSON
16  Nick ELLEMS 13  Brodee BARRETT
13  Rowan JARDINE 14  Riley SHADLOW
14  Zac GREEN 15  Jordan MOLE
17  Tye JAMES 16  Myles GAL
18  Justin MAKIRERE 17  Kiya SCHNABEL
Coach  Sam MAWHINNEY Coach  Damien SEIBOLD
Tries   Tries
 Tom DWAN  Harrison McINDOE (2)
Goals Goals
 Tom DWAN (2/3)  Blake MOORE (2/3)
 Tyson SMOOTHY (1/1)


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