(Photo: Erick Lucero / QRL)

The Queensland Rugby League has announced this year’s Queensland U17 City and Country sides for later this month.

The Boys and Girls sides will play on September 24, Hostplus Grand Final day, at Redcliffe’s Moreton Daily Stadium.

Last year’s fixtures saw the City Boys side win big 52–20, while the Country Girls pipped City 22–20.

Queensland U17 City – Boys
1 Jeremy Trappett (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
2 Tyreece Tait (Norths Devils)
3 Devonte Vaiavela (Souths Logan Magpies)
4 Will Semu (Souths Logan Magpies)
5 Israel Leota (Souths Logan Magpies)
6 Karl Oloapu (Norths Devils)
7 Stanley Huen (Souths Logan Magpies)
8 Michael Waqa (Redcliffe Dolphins)
9 Cameron Bukowski (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
10 Rene Bagon (Manly Sea Eagles)
11 Beni Allen (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
12 Lewis Symonds (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
13 Isaiah Scanlan (Burleigh Bears)

14 Xavier Atoa (Souths Logan Magpies)
15 Jett Jackson (Tweed Seagulls)
16 Larry Siala (Ipswich Jets)
17 Mikael Ibrahim (Brisbane Tigers)
18 Mitchell Rogers (Redcliffe Dolphins)
Coach: David Stagg

Queensland U17 Country – Boys
1 Mutua Brown (CQ Capras)
2 Rayzarlin Pearson (Souths Townsville)
3 Kai Simon (Mackay Cutters)
4 Tariq Tanner (Norths Devils)
5 Tekelu Mene (Townsville Blackhawks)
6 Lykhan King-Togia (Western Clydesdales)
7 Jaxon Purdue (Mackay Cutters)
8 Jamal Shibasaki (Townsville Blackhawks)
9 Xavier Kerrisk (Mackay Cutters)
10 De La Salle Va’a (Sydney Roosters)
11 Connor Hinds (CQ Capras)
12 Jayden Smith (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
13 Mason Kira (Sunshine Coast Falcons)

14 Hoani Harris (Townsville Blackhawks)
15 Tyler Peckham-Harris (Ipswich Jets)
16 Brock Thomas (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
17 Bud Smith (Western Clydesdales)
18 Tulloch McLelland (Sunshine Coast Falcons)
Coach: Antonio Kaufusi

Queensland U17 City – Girls
1 Kiarah Siauane (Souths Logan Magpies)
2 Aspen Nakao (Pine Central Holy Spirit)
3 Estonoa Faitala (Brisbane Tigers)
4 Ebony Raftstrand-Smith (Burleigh Bears)
5 Ariana Henderson (Ipswich Brothers)
6 Sienna Lifipo (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
7 India Seeto (Waterford Demons)
8 Matekino Gray (Tweed Seagulls)
9 Nadia Windleborn (Burleigh Bears)
10 Rilee Jorgensen (Burleigh Bears)
11 Tiresa Elika (Ipswich Jets)
12 Malaela Sua (Brisbane Tigers)
13 Tavarna Papalii (Burleigh Bears)

14 Diantee Savage (Redcliffe Dolphins)
15 Patricia Wani (Waterford Demons)
16 Hayley Bush (Beenleigh Lions)
17 Jaydah Tofae (Wynnum Manly Seagulls)
18 Relna Hosea (Goodna Eagles)
Coach: Deanna Turner

Queensland U17 Country – Girls
1 Mariah Brown (Western Clydesdales)
2 Elenoa Regunamada (Cairns)
3 Jennifer Kimber (Mackay)
4 Alley Ramsay (Western Clydesdales)
5 Rebecca Sepon (North Queensland Combined)
6 Makellia Gibson (Townsville)
7 Jessica Barnes (Western Clydesdales)
8 Mackenzie Stephens (Cairns)
9 Sienna Norris (Western Clydesdales)
10 Katelyn Collie (Western Clydesdales)
11 Nancy Sullivan (Sunshine Coast)
12 Mackenzie Zeller (Western Clydesdales)
13 Lily Peacock (Mackay)

14 Caitlin Tanner (Wide Bay Bulls)
15 Tori Dakin (CQ Capras)
16 Lenniece Wright (Sunshine Coast)
17 Anna-Mina Bin Awel (Townsville)
18 Marissa Nicholson (Sunshine Coast)
Coach: Amanda Ohl

Read more: https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2022/09/06/boys-teams-named-for-queensland-under-17-city-versus-country-clash/
Read more: https://www.qrl.com.au/news/2022/09/06/girls-teams-named-for-queensland-under-17-city-versus-country-clash/


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