New South Wales 22 def. Queensland 18
Wednesday, 16 June, 2010
Referee: Peter Gough
Venue: Suncorp Stadium, Milton, Queensland, Australia

Queensland U18 (18)   New South Wales U18 (22)
1  Alex ELISALA (North Queensland) 1  David NOFOALUMA (Western Suburbs)
2  Maipele MORSEAU (Melbourne) 2  Jacob GAGAN (Parramatta)
3  Kyle FELDT (North Queensland) 3  Nathan GREEN (St George)
4  Aaron WHITCHURCH (Brisbane) 4  Dale CLACHERTY (Newcastle)
5  Lachlan MARANTA (Brisbane) 5  Brayden WILIAME (Melbourne)
6  Bryce HEGARTY (Norths Devils) 6  Cheyse BLAIR (Sydney Roosters)
7  Louis FRISBY (Brisbane) – (c) 7  Jacob MILLER (Sydney Roosters)
8  Cale HOBDAY (Manly) 8  Matt GROAT (Western Suburbs)
9  Jay LOBWEIN (North Queensland) 9  Ben PICKER (Canberra)
10  Korbin SIMS (Brisbane) 10  Jack STOCKWELL (St George)
11  Josh PAPALII (Canberra) 11  Lachlan BURR (Canterbury)
12  Chris BINGE (Brisbane) 12  Alex McKINNON (St George)
13  Benn MALLEY (Brisbane) 13  Dane ATKINSON (Sydney Roosters)
14  Ben HAMPTON (Melbourne) 14  Gerard McCALLUM (Canterbury)
15  Chris GREVSMUHL (North Queensland) 15  Jacob LOKO (Parramatta)
16  Kirisome AUVA’A (Melbourne) 16  Shannon BOYD (Canberra)
17  Daniel BEASLEY (Townsville) 17  Tom EISENHUTH (Penrith)
Coach  Jon BUCHANAN Coach  Peter GENTLE
Tries   Tries
 Kirisome AUVA’A (2)  Lachlan BURR
 Lachlan MARANTA  Nathan GREEN
Goals   Goals
 Kyle FELDT (1)  Jacob MILLER (5)



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