New South Wales 30 def. Queensland 16
Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Referee: Mick Laverty
Venue: Etihad Stadium, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

New South Wales U16 (30)   Queensland U16 (16)
1  Dillon KHOURY (Parramatta) 1  Jesse POMARE-ANDERSON (Townsville)
2  Izaac THOMPSON (St George) 2  Sheldon BOBBERT (Central Queensland)
3  Robert JENNINGS (Penrith) 3  Sam SMITH (Central Queensland)
4  Sione MATA’UTIA (Newcastle) 4  Simione FATAHEFI (Souths Logan)
5  David SHERIDAN (Redcliffe) 5  Luke CHEVI ELLIS (Townsville)
6  Bayley SIRONEN (Balmain) 6  Braydon McMAHON (Gold Coast Green)
7  Travis EDWARDS (Newcastle) 7  Cooper BAMBLING (Central Queensland)
8  Soni HALA (Penrith) 8  George FAI (Souths Logan)
9  Jackson HASTINGS (Illawarra) 9  Jenan PARRISH (Gold Coast Green)
10  Alex TWAL (Parramatta) 10  Sam LAVEA (Souths Logan)
11  Tevita PANGAI JUNIOR (Newcastle) 11  Regan GRIEVE (Townsville)
12  Tyrell FUIMAONO (Parramatta) 12  Tarahawaiki KAUMOANA (Souths Logan)
13  Mark McCORMACK (Western Suburbs) 13  Kieran DUFFIN (Central Queensland)
14  Oliver CLARK (Penrith) 14  Brandon SMITH (Townsville)
15  Jacob HOST (St George) 15  Sam SWIFT (Gold Coast Gold)
16  Jamie HILL (Penrith) 16  Coen HESS (Townsville)
17  Beau PARRY (West Tamworth) 17  Daymeric PELO (Gold Coast Gold)
Coach  Glen VANDERWERT Coach  Anthony SEIBOLD
Tries   Tries
 Tevita PANGAI
 Alex TWAL
Goals   Goals
 Jackson HASTINGS (3)  Sheldon BOBBERT (2)



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